Top 10 Best Outdoor Storage Box in 2020

Top 10 Best Outdoor Storage Box in 2020

Top 10 Best Outdoor Storage Box

Are you out in search of the best outdoor storage box?

The best outdoor storage box can upgrade your way of life and give your patio another look and feel. It gives you comfort and feels relax about storing things that may not in use regularly and let you increase the beauty of your garden.

Why buy it- is it of any use?

If you are taking stress about you don’t have too much space to keep your access things or wanting a solution that must be not so large or heavy but can store your things like cushions, children toys, gardening tools, utensils, or any items then the simple solution that I’ll recommend you is to buy best large outdoor storage box.

You can easily keep it in your backyard. It will not take too much space and store a large number of items. Isn’t it great? Of course!

The main problem is that these large outdoor storage boxes ordinarily don’t have a long time span of usability.

The explanation being, they are inclined to harm due to over-introduction to water. At this time, the best waterproof outdoor storage box is an ideal solution for you!

What are the advantages and uses of waterproof storage boxes?

best outdoor storage box

The positive part of waterproof outdoor storage deck boxes is they are comprised of the regular plastic storage container. This gives them essential continuance to various components that prevent them from getting blurred, split, or stripped.

The astonishing part is that these best waterproof outdoor storage boxes can be utilized to store pretty much anything, from pool supplies to your youngsters’ toys. They can even be used as seats when you have a couple of more visitors desiring a lawn party.

If you are an occupant in a territory where your storm cellar is inclined to flooding or breaks, water-safe, waterproof storage boxes can give a decent measure of security to your resources.

How can you choose?

There is a wide variety of best outdoor storage boxes in the market which gives the issue of choosing from a number of decisions.

Yet, don’t stress as I have an answer to this issue.

In my this review, I am going to let you know about the many best quality outdoor storage boxes which will surely help you in finding the best one for you!

List of best outdoor storage box:

Here are ten products I have selected for you. Look at its features and choose the right one.

1: Keter Rockwood Deck Storage Container:

Keter Rockwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box

Keter Rockwood 150 Gal Deck storage container is excellent as it is totally water-resistant that keeps your storages dry and thoroughly.

As its capacity is 150 Gal, a huge box, so you can store more items quickly. Moreover, its assembling is very simple and doesn’t have to feel a headache like other storage boxes.

It has an automatic opening mechanism, increases its beauty more!


  • Made of polypropylene resin- a non-toxic plastic.
  • Durable, water-resistant storage box keeps your items dry and safe.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Not a chance of wrapping or denting. Can’t stain or peel.
  • Ideal wood panel appearance- makes it look beautiful and elegant.
  • It can be used as a bench.
  • The automatic opening mechanism provided.
  • 150 Gal storage capacity- Large spaces to store cushions, garden tools, etc.

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It is specially designed for higher durability and water resistivity. This box won’t be peel, or rust so you can use it for an extended period of time.

Besides having a large storage capacity, you can also utilize it as a seat for a couple of people. An attractive, beautiful and multifunctional Keter Rockwood Deck storage box is the best outdoor storage box for you!

2: Suncast 73 Gallon Storage Box:

Suncast DBW7300 EMW7509888 73 Gallon Resin

Suncast 73 Gallon storage box is made up of polypropylene plastic which is totally water-resistant material. It is well made, and sturdy can be used for a long time.

As it is rain resistant, your storages will remain dry. It is a pretty storage box looks excellent in garden, patio, deck, and porch or at any place. It can be rust or stained, so it makes it looking new in fact after so many years.


  • Beautiful and elegant: Beautiful outdoor box has a 73-gallon limit with respect to a yard, deck, yard, patio, carport, and shed storage!
  • Strong and durable: Water-safe polypropylene opposes blurring and rust to keep your case looking new for quite a long time.
  • Large capacity: Store pool toys, apparatuses, planting things, sports equipment, garden furniture, etc.
  • Functional lid: Lid flips open on pivots for simple access to your things. Downpour water streams off of the case to avoid water pooling.
  • Perfect SIZE: Storage box estimates 46″ x 21.6″ x 22.5″, the ideal size for your outdoor area.

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The Suncast deck storage box can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor uses. Besides its extreme flexibility, I feel that it merited a high positioning since it has 3 applications making it exceptionally advantageous.

Additionally, whatever penny you spend on it, you will get your entire cash value. This is the kind of deck box that enhances your yard just by its structure, making it look exceptionally present day.

3: Lifetime 60089 Deck Box:

Lifetime 60089 Deck Storage

Lifetime 60089 storage box is made out of double divider high-thickness polyethylene (HDPE). 116 Gallons of storage space is enormous, and you can fit vast amounts of stuff inside.

The quality of the Lifetime deck box is just an incredible one. The plastic is of high quality and thickness. It’s reliable and sturdy, much more than other plastic storage deck boxes. You can securely sit on it. It will effortlessly keep going for a considerable length of time.

This box is among the best outdoor storage boxes of its sort. It’s expensive, however, and the new sticker price probably won’t merit the additional quality for some. A portion of the less expensive deck boxes will be adequate for most.


  • Controlled spring-pivot top opens more noteworthy than 90 degrees and won’t pummel shut and is lockable.
  • Bears climate intensity and safe water seal helps keep inside items dry.
  • They are developed by High-Density Polyethylene for supreme quality and sturdiness.
  • UV-Protected with climate-safe steel pivots; Backed by a 10-year restricted producer guarantee.
  • Sufficiently able to be utilized as a seat; 600 lb. Weight limit.

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Quality is putting it mildly with regards to the Lifetime Deck Box. If sturdiness is the thing that you are going for, at that point this best quality outdoor storage box will meet every one of your desires. You won’t need to stress over its rotting or staining like other deck boxes.

This storage box model made, so the deck box is shielded from UV. Besides, issues like breaking and climate-related harms will be unfamiliar to your jargon with this deck storage box.

Buy and relax!

4: Keter Bright wood 120 Gallon Storage Box:

Keter Brightwood 120 Gallon Outdoor Garden Resin Patio Storage

This astonishing Keter Brightwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box is at our fourth option. It is the best outdoor garden furniture for your yard. You ought not to disregard your yard since it is a critical piece of your home.

This is where you have your best recollections over steaks on the barbecue, pool parties, and other family social events. Presently, you can make your yard look perfect and engaging with this durable and sturdy Keter plastic deck box.

It is effortless to move from one place to another. It has a considerable storage limit with respect to every one of your possessions. It is UV shielded and produced using eco-accommodating materials.


  • Its Outside measurements are 57 inches x 27.5 inches x 23.7 inches.
  • Internal measurements are 54.5 inches x 23.5 inches x 21.7 inches.
  • Comfortable seat for two persons.
  • The automatic closing mechanism makes it easy to use.
  • Elegant wood-paneled look.
  • It comes in many colors.
  • It is made of the most durable and water-resistant material.

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These Brightwood deck boxes arrive in an assortment of shading, so you have the alternative of picking the one you feel that is good with your outdoor stylistic theme.

On account of this best deck storage box, you will at long last have the choice of bidding farewell to the numerous outings of getting various things from the house, shed or garden.

When you settle down, you will have the option to effectively access from your deck box, whatever you need in seconds without demolishing your relaxation time.

5: Keter Glenwood Storage Container, 101 Gallon:

Keter Glenwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box

Keter Glenwood storage box is constructed of resin plastic and has an absolute storage limit of 101 gallons.

The plastic by which it is made of is of modest quality which makes it durable and long-lasting. There are a few openings in the upper side of the storage compartment for ventilation; however water, day off critters can possibly get inside. You can actually sit on it as maker guarantees that it can deal with up to 530 lbs. of weight on the top, anyway, the modest plastic isn’t consoling.


  • Outside measurements: 50.4 in. L x 25.6 in. W x 24 in.
  • Internal measurements: 48 in. L x 21.3 in. W x 22.8 in.
  • 101-gallon storage capacity.
  • The automatic opening mechanism makes you feel relaxed about opening and closing.
  • Wash with detergent. Don’t use a brush or abrasive cleaners to wash.
  • Durable water resistance construction.
  • Made of resin plastic keep inside dry.

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Use it to keep pool toys far out when they’re not being used or to keep gardening tools. This container is vast enough to suit most yard seat cushions too, so you can keep them spotless, dry and concealed until they’re required.

Generally, this storage compartment has a pretty good storage limit, but on the other hand, it’s very shaky and not too made as different items.

6: Lifetime 60012 Deck Box:

Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box

A fantastic technique to add usable storage for your outdoor territory, this Lifetime 60012 130 gallons outdoor storage box offers the solid storage capacities that you actually need.

Intended to withstand an outdoor domain, this best outdoor pool storage box is perfect for putting away outdoor gear like pool tubes, athletic equipment, or even towels. The spring-pivoted top is lockable to verify your hardware, and it opens in excess of 90 degrees for simple access.

In addition, because of the gas help cylinder, the cover won’t hammer shut when discharged so you won’t need to stress over any crushed fingers.

A strong UV-secured, high-thickness polyethylene development guarantees durable use. With a massive 130 gallon inside limit and a 900 lb. Weight limit, you can store the entirety of your outdoor gear effortlessly.


  • Extra-large storing capacity box.
  • This box is made of high-density material known as polyethylene plastic.
  • The inner capacity of this box is 130 gal or 16.4 cubic feet.
  • Measurements of internal dimensions are 57” long, 20.75” wide and 23.75” high.
  • The lockable lid is included with spring hinge.
  • Beautifully designed with two colors; brown & tan.
  • 10-year warranty.

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Assembling this storage box is so simple that you don’t need to overthink it. Regardless of whether you need to keep this by the pool to store towels and toys, or to utilize it to store athletic gear by your court or field, this storage box is a tough, solid decision.

Drive it facing a structure divider or a fence and use it as a seat!

7: Keter Novel 90 Gallon Storage Box:

Keter Novel 90 Gallon Resin Outdoor Storage Box

The Keter Novel is a polypropylene outdoor box with a gigantic 485 pounds storage limit. The sap plastic material used to make this crate makes it profoundly reliable and dependable.

It is a durable box serving as an agreeable seat for two grown-ups. The plastic material is UV safe, waterproof and climate impervious to serve you for a long time. It additionally includes a lockable cover that upgrades the security and wellbeing of things inside.


  • Weight limit of 485lbs or storage capacity: 90 gallons.
  • It is made of Polypropylene plastic material.
  • UV rays and climate-safe.
  • Waterproof box.
  • Lockable lid included.

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The Keter plastic Novel 90 Gallon Deck Box is a very durable and totally water-resistant box. Incredible for outdoor storage, this storage seat empowers you to securely keep outdoor things near where they will be utilized on the porch or deck.

A vivid padded cushion can also be connected to the highest point of the cover to change it into extra outdoor yard furniture.  Looks beautiful and really helpful!

8: Keter Borneo 110 Gallon Storage Box:

Keter Borneo 110 Gallon Resin Outdoor Storage Bench

Keep your digging tools and different fundamentals perfect, dry and sorted out in style with the appealing Borneo 110 Gallon Plastic Outdoor Storage Deck Box by Keter.

The Keter Borneo is a huge plastic storage box with solid and climate-safe polypropylene development. This sturdy development averts stripping, scratching and rusting with the container staying fit as a fiddle for a long time.

The traditional dark-colored look of this box increases the beauty of your yard. It additionally serves as a seat for two individuals outdoors where you can relax. Using the cover lockable with most standard latches is protected.

An automatic opening mechanism proves to be useful for times when your hands are full, and its 110-gallon limit guarantees that it can easily suit a huge assortment of things.

Notwithstanding including amazing design and advantageous highlights, the Borneo deck box is simple on the eyes.


  • Solid and climate-safe polypropylene material constructed avoids rusting, denting or staining.
  • Outside dimensions are 51” x 27.6” x 24.6”.
  • Storage limit: 110 gallons.
  • Lockable structure included.
  • Automatic opening mechanism.

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The Borneo Deck Box is an extraordinary decision for your porch or lawn. It as an eye-catching designed storage box that has many beautiful features, giving you comfort and relaxation.

Buy it today and be relaxed every day!

9: Keter 230897 Outdoor Storage Table:

Keter 230897 Circa Natural Wood Style Round Outdoor Storage

Keter 230897 37 Gallon Resin Deck Box arrives in an appealing natural wood grain look with an elite round structure that looks extraordinary with any outdoor stylistic theme.

This deck box accompanies an additional yard seating and an additional serving place. Because of its ventilated side, it is conceivable to store everything in a protected and dry way regardless of what the climate outside.

It helps with keeping your outdoor space mess-free. Because of its enormous storage space, it is conceivable to store pretty much things that can make you agreeable in your lawn space.

It is totally climate-safe, waterproof, and UV secured for outdoor use. All things considered, this best outdoor storage box is an ideal addition to your garden.


  • Storage capacity: 37 gallons.
  • Designed with a Durable wood look pattern.
  • Circular designed.
  • Comfortable seat for one person or can be used as a side table.
  • Lightweight, providing easy mobility.

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The Keter 230897 Circa Natural Wood design storage box is a beautiful decoration for your lawn and additional; lt provides you large storing capacity. It can be used as a comfortable seat or serving table.

This best quality outdoor storage box must be an amazing addition to your lawn’s furniture!

10: Suncast 22 Gallon Resin Storage Seat:

Suncast 22 Gallon Resin Storage Seat

Suncast 22 gallon storage seat is made out of polypropylene plastic that makes it durable for long-lasting use. It doesn’t offer heaps of storage space yet you can at present fit some stuff inside. They are structured as seats especially.

Suncast storage seat is strong and sturdy, it doesn’t twist when you sit on it and the nature of plastic is sufficient to keep going quite a while. It is totally waterproof as inside remains dry in rain and when inches of the base is submerged in water. They won’t be stained or rust anyway!

It is too easy to assemble just in 5 minutes. So make your work easy with this best quality outdoor storage box.


  • 22-gallon storing capacity provided.
  • Long-lasting resin construction box makes it more durable to use.
  • Totally water-resistant.
  • Storage box measures are 15” L, 15” W, and 20” H.

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This box doesn’t offer that much storage limit with respect to the cost, however, it is well-made, durable and looks magnificent in patio, lawn or deck.

Buying Guide For Best Outdoor Storage Box:

Choosing a right and perfect storage box for outdoor use is such a complicated task as there are many options in front of you.

So To help you out in making your decision I have selected some of the common points to consider before moving towards any decision.

Things to consider before buying an outdoor storage box:

There are too many things to consider before picking an outdoor deck storage box. Take a look below!

1: Storing Capacity:

It is the most critical and dominant point you have to consider first. The outdoor storage box you purchase might be useful if you get one that can meet your storage needs.

Spending cash on more storage space than you will ever need may want to squander some money. Significantly all the more frustrating is to understand that your outdoor deck storage box needs more storage space for your needs.

So it’s imperative to think about the amount of it you need and the amount you are happy to spend.

2: Quality:

Some of the outdoor deck storage boxes are strong and durable but some are rather delicate.

Contingent upon how you will utilize it and what conditions it will encounter you need to choose whether a less expensive however less stable storage box will be sufficient for you, or you need more costly yet unquestionably progressively strong one. So the choice is yours!

3: Climate Resistivity:

Will your storage box be situated under the open sky? Does it rain much in your city? Would you like to keep the put-away things dry?

Well, there are questions that make us confused about choosing the best quality storage box. So if any of the above questions satisfy your conditions, you should consider this fact and find the ideal one for you!

4: Sturdiness:

The best outdoor storage box you can get should most certainly be sturdy. if you settle for lesser quality materials you will consistently wind up spending more since you will be always purchasing a substitution deck storage box. Solidness is significant. You must consider it before making any decision.

What are the advantages of using a storage box for your garden?

Nurseries are lovely when they are flawless and clean. In any case, with the numerous things you may have, plantations can be a muddled issue that you need to manage step by step.

How to manage?

With regards to arrange your gardening tools and different materials, there is no best and convenient option than to buy a perfect and best outdoor storage box. The boxes might be little or enormous enough to store your things. Further, you get various advantages of it like:

  • It helps to manage things more comfortably.
  • It Spares time as time is money.
  • It Saves energy as most of the storage boxes are easy to move.
  • It keeps your tools and items safe from climate or rain.
  • In the cheap amount, you can get better and beautiful furniture for your garden.
  • They can be used as seats as side or serving tables.

Final verdict:

Toward the day’s end, they should have the ability to solve your issues, be climate-safe, durable and convenient enough to put it anyplace you need.

So buy one according to your needs and make your life easy and comfortable!

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